Tick Control in Connecticut

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We are family owned and operated Tick Control servicing Connecticut with over 20 years of experience in helping residential and commercial property owners in preventing ticks and Lyme disease. We offer a professional, fully licensed staff, to assist you with your tick control needs. Please take a moment to review our service plan to see how we can suit your needs.

Are you wondering when tick season begins in Connecticut? Those of you with pets have noticed they have been picking up ticks throughout the winter months. When your cat and dog carry the black legged tick into your home, you may become its next meal. Stop these pernicious pests in their tracks and protect your loved ones. For tick prevention services in Connecticut call On Target Tick Control. On Target Tick Control is a leader in tick prevention. With a rise in tick populations and Lyme disease cases in Connecticut, there is a growing concern about this problem. This can add an extra worry for families who spend time outside. We would like to put you at ease so you and your family can once again enjoy the outdoors.

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